Die passende Technologie ist der Schlüssel für jeden funktionierenden IT-Service. Unsere Mitarbeiter bilden sich daher auch in Themen wie IoT, Machine Learning, Digitale Signalverarbeitung usw. laufend weiter.

Wir sind Beckhoff affine und setzen wo immer es geht Beckhoff Hardware ein.

Beckhoff Partner

Wir sind offizieller Partner von Beckhoff-Schweiz und können mehr als 10 Jahre Beckhoff Erfahrung vorweisen.

Using the right combination of technologies is the key to every functioning IT service. Because of our years of experience in the field, we are familiar with a broad range of technologies and have specialised in particular in .NET and Java. .NET runs with virtually all Windows versions, its programming is not language dependant, and it enables fast and effective software development. Java is also flexible and can be integrated into virtually any existing IT infrastructure. Whether it is .NET or Java that you choose, we will accompany your project with our broad knowledge and experience, and can compile an optimised mix of open-source and proprietary software for you to fit your unique requirements.

Is the technology you are looking for not yet part of our repertoire? Then get in contact with us. We are open to new strategies and put our lifeblood in the expansion of our tool-set and expertise in order to be able to offer our customers complete and comprehensive solutions.