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mbc engineering was established in 2010 from the former Pfister+Partner System Engineering AG – an internationally active enterprise, specialised in MES for Rotogravure. Since then we have continuously extended our expertise. Our customers include over 20 International players. With our team we cover a broad and diverse range of IT services and skills. We run as a flat organisation (non-hierarchical) enabling the uncomplicated communication and exchange of ideas - the relevant expert will be your direct contact throughout your project. mbc engineering stands for solutions-orientated cooperation and quality IT services.

Profilbild Markus
Markus Brun

Profilbild Stefan
Stefan Gmeiner
Development Manager

Profilbild Joel
Joel Geiser
Software Developer

Profilbild Michael
Michael Helfenstein
Software Developer

We believe that modern software development makes systems more flexible, enabling new applications.